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project management

Project Management

Kaitlyn Shannon Consulting provides project management services for short and long-term projects. We also provide transitional project management services, stepping into projects during any stage of delivery to offer interim project management support. We offer leadership in areas such as:

  • Project Design: We provide guidance on project timelines, implementation plans and resource requirements. We help identify key performance indicators and benefits, ensuring indicators are in place to measure project success.

  • Project Delivery: We lead diverse teams through project implementation, ensuring key deliverables and milestones are achieved. 

  • Stakeholder Management: We excel at fostering strong relationships. We manage relationships with internal and external project stakeholders, ensuring open communication and alignment. 

  • Project Closure: Effective project closure procedures are critical for the success of future projects. We lead project retrospectives, document lessons learned, and compile project reports to ensure knowledge is captured. 

process optimization

Process Optimization

Process optimization helps free up organizational resources and budget, which can be redirected towards top business priorities. In addition, efficient processes are essential to well-functioning teams, reducing burnout and contributing to employee wellbeing. Kaitlyn Shannon Consulting offers analysis of existing processes and workflows, identifying inefficiencies and duplications. We then recommend custom business process solutions, such as re-designing workflows, implementing the use of templates, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and standardizing procedures. New processes are most effective when there is buy-in and support from the team. We work with staff to create a team culture that supports new business processes, ensuring long-term success. 


Team Engagement

team enagement

Engaged teams produce the best business outcomes. Every team is unique, and Kaitlyn Shannon Consulting provides advice to increase team collaboration and productivity. We specialize in supporting teams transitioning from in-person to remote or blended workplaces. Our custom solutions include a range of team-building activities and training to foster trust and cohesion. We identify opportunities to establish open communication channels and we recommend tools and techniques to support ongoing collaboration.

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